Keys To a Better Life

The start of a New Year is the shiniest time of the Year!  It is also the most hopeful as we think about ways to improve our lives! Do you want to be happier and live more fulfilled, even with all the responsibilities in your life?

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The month of January is considered a fresh start and is a wonderful time for planning goals and forming new habits for the entire year! I believe that many of the goals we make at the beginning of the year are reached by our daily habits. Habits can either be good or bad, but if you want to change and live a better life, this is where you need to start.

Here are a few key ideas to start new habits that will establish you in Godly living and help you thrive and enjoy your life more fully! This is the first part of a 3 part series where we will discuss helpful habits for Morning, Afternoon and Evening that will empower you!

So today let's get started and look at 5 MORNING HABITS for a better life!

1. PERK UP - I start by getting out of bed at 6:00 and putting on my workout clothes, then I get the coffee started, make toast and drink lemon water while I listen to an interesting podcast. This gets me off to a good start and helps me get the cobwebs cleared out of my brain while I listen to something I want or need to learn about.  Lately its been puppy training or goal setting, but it can be any subject that puts you in a good mood!

2. REFRESH - Around 6:30 is when I have my Quiet time with the Lord. I might read from my 365 day Women's bible or a book and write in my “God journal”. It could be about a verse that spoke to me in scripture or I need to pour my heart out to God, listening quietly to see if He has anything He wants to tell me about a situation in my life. As I sit in his presence I pray, share my dreams and goals for myself and family and surrender up my requests. (Most days I have 20-30 minutes.)

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3. RENEW - Then at 7:00 I pour myself a cup of coffee and put on a inspirational message! I might listen to a series that can help me grow spiritually and renew my mind to a topic I desperately need to study in the word of God.

4. PEP UP - At 7:30 I focus on physical habits and get outside for a brisk walk or put on an exercise video/youtube for 20 minutes.  This gets my endorphins going and produces “feel good hormones” or oxytocin and helps me have more energy for the day!

5. PRETTY UP - By 8:00 I am ready to head up and finish dressing and put on the days outfit, a little makeup and jewelry while listening to the news, so that I am up on the days events...or an audio book! That way I have something interesting to talk about with my sweet daughter as I sit with her and have tea or we drive off to school. Then I am ready to start my day!

So the 5 KEYS this week are:

  • Perk up,

  • Refresh in His presence,

  • Renew your mind,

  • Pep up through exercise and

  • Pretty up!  

Next week we will talk about how to make habits stick and focus on Afternoon habits!

Until then,

SHINE for Him!

Much Love,