Six Habits to Add to Your Evening Routine

As  women of God, we want to use our time wisely and get the most out of our days. One of the ways we can do that, is by having meaningful habits, routines and rituals for each morning, afternoon and evening! In the last two posts, I discussed 5 Fabulous Habits to start up your morning and a how turning routines into nurturing rituals can add joy to your afternoons. What about Evenings?

Creating a set routine of things to do in the evening can be very pleasant and also prepares you for a successful day. When I have a good evening routine in place,  I’m happier and the next day seems to go so much smoother. Everyone in my family seems to benefit a well.

Here are some examples of my evening routine.



Every evening if possible, I try to make it a priority to take some time out to enjoy my husband and family! Instead of rushing around, I sit and enjoy a cup of decaf coffee, or a refreshing drink as we talk over the day.  It is a special time to reconnect with each other. Some nights we might take a walk together, that way we can catch up and get some exercise in at the same time.

If you have have young children you could read to them or play a short game together.  Then put them to bed at a decent time like 8:00 or 8:30 so you can have some couple time. Growing Kids need sleep and you need time together. Letting the slightly older kids stay up to read in bed will make them feel special.

We like to watch a favorite TV show like historical fiction on Masterpiece theater, Antique Roadshow, Hallmark, HGTV or Fuller House. There is usually something we can both agree on, even if we had different taste.  Or we just sit and talk with a cup of tea, and enjoy the quiet.

PREP BAGS FOR THE NEXT DAY - This is a good time to put what you need for the next day aside so your morning goes smoothly. I like to think about what I’m doing the next day and fill my bag with anything I might need. Snacks, books, paperwork etc.  If I don’t do it , I'm more stressed in the morning. This way I feel like I'm ahead of the game.

GET READY FOR BED AT THE SAME TIME-  Set a reminder on your phone!


Set a time to get ready for bed and try to stick to it most nights, if possible. When the kids are in bed it's a great time to pamper yourself.

I love to take my shower at night because it saves me time in the morning, but if you exercise in the morning and get really sweaty you may need to shower then as well. (If you wash your hair at night,  all you have to do in the morning is style it.) Also, Taking a shower or bath at night relaxes me and I sleep so much better. It seems to wash away the stresses of the day. I also like to put on some cute PJs that are comfortable too!


 Determining my goals for the next day allows me to get the most important thing done before the pressures of the day begin! Ideally, the first few hours of the day should be spent doing the most important things.  Mark Twain referred to it as “eating the frog”, it sounds gross but really works. Pick 3 things you need to do in the order of importance.  Then start with the first thing on your list. If all else fails, you’ve at least got the most important thing done!  It also makes you feel great when you get all three things done! Anything else you do is gravy!

For example, there may be an email to respond to, a phone call you need to make, or your husband asked you to mail a bill for him. Do it first and then you won’t have to stress over it.  


Reading in bed is a luxury all of us should experience! Have a really good book by your bedside waiting for the moment you get in your cozy bed.  This is the time I like to read about something I want to learn more about, or you may want to let go of your troubles and get lost in a fictional story that lifts your spirits or takes you far away.  



Fall asleep thinking of all the things you are grateful for and that went well that day!

Take a few moments to reflect on a win, an accomplishment (something you did that day) and the things you are grateful will help you to put things in proper perspective. It will give you hope and encouragement for the next days agenda.

I have a friend who did this when her husband left her with three boys under five.  She started thanking God for the roof over her head, food in her garden, warm covers…you get the picture. How many things can you think of?  Focusing on the good will help you feel encouraged even if there are some problems or challenges you still need to solve or that you are facing.  

Phil 4:6 - Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understand will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  

Ending the day with prayer and gratitude as you drift off will make your sleep sweet.

So, to recap;

  • Enjoy family and couple time

  • Preps bags for the next day

  • Get ready for bed at the same time

  • Identify your goals for the next day

  • Read a Great Book in bed

  • Reflect on the good things

It's important as women to have healthy routines in place that help us start and end our days feeling great and special so we can enjoy life and caring for yourself and others!  

I hope you have enjoyed this post!

Do you have any special evening routines that you’d like to share? We'd love to hear them! Just use the comment section below.