Creating a Daily Routine

By Dawna, Author of the Blog:

It is so good to be back with you here at Pink Gems, thank you for taking time out of your day to join me. Last week we talked about the importance of routines and today I will share with you how to create a daily routine specifically for you.

Having a daily routine makes our days more efficient and we are less likely to waste time because we already know what the next step is.


In our home, we divide the day into chunks.

We have a morning routine, chore routine, school routine, afternoon routine, and evening routine.  We are more relaxed on the weekends than the weekdays but the basics are still there that keep us centered.

So let’s dive in, shall we?

Last week I suggested that you evaluate your day to day going ons.  When you looked at your day what were you already doing that worked?  What didn’t work? When I first started creating my daily routine I was trying to exercise in the evening and it was not happening. By the time evening came I had zero energy.  It is an important goal of mine to be more fit so I needed to move exercising into a time frame where I had more energy, therefore, I bumped it to my morning routine.

Sometimes just moving something around from one time frame to another provides the freedom we need to achieve our goals. Be flexible as you find what works for you.  It might take a few tweaks but eventually you will come up with a custom fit routine.

Another tip is to be realistic. I used to have a “to-do” list a mile long and by the end of the day I would feel frustrated and defeated.  Make sure you keep your list simple. Choose your top 3 most important tasks to complete for the day and number them in order of importance. That way if the day gets the best of you and you are able to only complete task #1, you know that you were able to get to the most important thing done on your list. Win!

Here is a look into my world.

I am not a super scheduled person so my life revolves more around routines than it does the clock.  However, there are times of the day that are reference points for me.


My day starts around 6am.

I wake up.

Drink a glass of water.

Change into workout clothes.

Workout for 15 minutes.

Drink a Post Workout Smoothie

Take a Shower/ Get Dressed

Make my bed


Prep Breakfast

Start a load of laundry

8:00 am

Wake up my tribe

Breakfast/Reflection time with the kids. This time may include reading the Bible, writing in our thankfulness journal, talking about what to expect during the course of our day, and/or affirmations that we say out loud.

Chore Time


We use a magnetic marker board to keep track of chores. Click here to read how we accomplish chores and bless our home as a family.

9:30(ish) School

12:30 LUNCH

Afternoon Routine


Fold/Take care of Laundry

Tea Time with the kids


Whatever is needed which could include appointments, errands, visit friends/family, play with the kids or household tasks.



My kids have their down time and I have mine. Whether I nap, research, write, read a book, or paint my nails… this is my time for me to recharge so I can have energy to get through the evening.

5:00  Dinner Routine

Prep Dinner

Tidy Kitchen

Check emails/messages if time allows



Tidy living areas as a family

Run dishwasher

Meal prep for tomorrow

Relax as a family

Read story to littles

Get kids ready for bed

Tuck in the tribe

Review calendar for tomorrow

Time with hubby

10:30 BED

Please know, that  I do not follow this routine  perfectly every day. I have to remain flexible for whatever may come up. However, everyone in our home knows that this is the goal.

The children each have their own routine.  It basically follows my routine but they have specific chores to do and we work together deep cleaning a certain zone of the house depending on what day it is.  Our routine changes a little bit depending on the day of the week, for example, on co-op day we don’t do our chores until we get home and then after, we relax and don’t make any appointments or plans for the rest of that day since it is already full enough.


I think it is important to remember that you are in control of the routine vs. it being in control of you. My time references above are flexible.  If I end up needing more sleep then I allow myself to sleep in and I adapt the routine. It’s all good. The overall basis is that I have set up healthy habits in our home that keep things running smoothly.  Our goal is not perfection, our goal is “good enough”.

Each day I do what I can, with what I have available to me (my time, energy, and resources).  Give yourself grace on the journey dear one and know that everyday is redeemable. If you veer off course from where you want to be just take a few deep breaths (I use this technique), refocus, and get back on track. Don’t do all the things that you missed… just pick up where you are at  and keep moving forward. For example: if my morning went down the drain and it is now lunch time, then I pick up with lunch and move forward.  Depending on what is going on in my day I might try to do a little school before self care time or, we might just be having a day where we need to forget about the school and instead move right into tea time. No guilt, no regrets, just acceptance that life happens.

Please, feel free to share what is working in your day to day routine or if you have any questions, give me a shout out in the comments below.  I’d love to hear from you!

With love,