Get to Know the Gems

Ann Marie King

Founder of Pink Gems Ministries


Ann is the founder of Pink Gems Ministries and has a passion for sharing kingdom keys to help God’s women (GEMS) know who they are in Christ! She loves sharing the word of God in practical ways through fun examples and her personal stories, showing women how to apply it to their daily lives. Her goal is to reach women in a relevant way through My Pink Gem Ministries blogs, workshops, and annual live PINK GEMS Events! She also trained as a Relationship Coach and offers “one on one coaching” for women who need a personal touch!

Ann and her husband Brian have been married for 32 mostly blissful years, and are the parents of two wonderful daughters and an amazing son. They live near the lake in the beautiful state of Maine and enjoy long walks, swimming, kayaking and exploring the coast together!


Kimberly White

Director of Connections


Kim is an ordinary country girl from a small town. After losing her dad as an infant, she started off life with deep pain in her heart. As a teenager she found herself running into the world to find comfort and happiness. Trying to fill the voids in her heart in all the wrong places, she developed habits that led her down a very rebellious path. She strived to be recognized and to appear to be a "good girl", but her best efforts only offered a temporary fix.

While at Saint Joseph’s Collage of Maine earning a degree for Elementary education, she joined Mary Kay. It has turned into a 17 year full time career, reaching peaks of over a half million dollar company, helping hundreds of women establish a business and many to raise up to become leaders. Just before being blessed with a pink Cadillac, she drew near to God for one last shot to see if He was real. And He drew near to her. A friend randomly sent her a message inviting her to church.

That divine appointment stopped Kim in her racing, and striving tracks. She met Jesus! She discovered she was a sinner in need of a savior. Far from a perfect journey but one of forgiveness, mercy, hope and eternal victory. A journey of God’s faithfulness to continuously persist us no matter how far we drift, Jesus is the only one who can fill voids in our heart and give us HOPE! She is called to be a mom to her son Gavin. They are a duo shining for Jesus. She now works daily for the Lord not for man with her full armor of God on to help Him to take back what the enemy has robbed in women’s lives.


Blog Contributor


Dawna, author of the blog Crazy Messy Beautiful, writes as a woman who has been there. She will give you tips that will help lighten your load and inspire you to find joy in the simple things...

“I love to encourage others. I am a child of the Most High who enjoys wearing red lipstick, has a passion for chocolate, savors a good cup of tea, is barefoot more often than not, and has an eye that occasionally twitches. I am a Momma of many, a wife of fifteen + years, and a research junkie. I write, cook, garden, puddle jump, read, sing in the shower, and mix up my metaphors. Nice to meet you!”